Thrift Urban Housing's Befriending Scheme is all about providing support and advice, through personal visits, for the elderly and the disabled.

We seek to ensure our clients receive all the state help they might be entitled to but unaware of, and we try to ensure they do not fall victim to confidence tricksters and door-step callers.

Through this unique initiative, for example, we recently were able to prevent an elderly client being 'fleeced' of his life savings of £250,000 by a confidence trickster - after an initial attempt to in effect steal £9,000 we contacted the Metropolitan Police who apprehended him. Our aim is to be someone reliable that our clients feel free to be able to call on.

We are able to offer our Befriending Scheme to anyone living in any of the London boroughs. If you, or someone known to you, would benefit from our support, please contact us.

Befriending Scheme